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Axvoice - Best VoIP Solution



Unlimited calls for just $8.25 a month. Best sound quality available in the market.

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Nextiva VoIP



Business VoIP Phone System (Best Value)
starting at $21.95/Month

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Best Home Phone Service value Starting at $9.88/Month
One Number and Voice mail for $4.88/Montht

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Unlimited Phone Service starting at $23.95/Month
And First Month FREE!

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60 Minutes of FREE International Calls per month

First 3 month $8.47 then $16.95/Month

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Free VoIP Providers
There are many free VoIP service providers across the web, but really are they free? Unfortunately no, if you are still searching for a totally free VoIP provider, don't waste time, because at the moment there is no real free one on the web. Most of them provide free calls to USA only and it's limited, for example you can't call cell phone numbers (Only land-line) and limited number of minutes allowed daily.

How to Choose between VoIP providers

The latest embankments for VoIP make it possible for providers to furnish a single service enhancement at assorted costs. This is why comparing the various is crucial before you choose one.

Benefits of VoIP
Few of the most important benefits for those planning to use VoIP services are:

  1. Cheap rates - The charges for making overseas calls are very cheap. It might just cost the same or less as compared to local calls made from your home telephone.
  2. Low overhead charges - Business people who make hundreds of oversea calls for their business deals using telephones can now reduce their telephone bills by almost 80%, which can be a win-win situation for any business.
  3. Moving places - Business can move places. Incase of a telephone connection, a businessmen has to remain in the office to receive any calls from his overseas clients. Here, since the whole procedure is through the internet, a businessman can move across any part of the globe to receive and make calls.
  4. Low installation cost – The software’s for most VoIP Providers are free to download, all one require is to add funds in their account through their credit card once the download is complete.
  5. Maintenance Free – There is hardly any maintenance cost for a VoIP Provider as the software is downloaded from the net directly. Incase, the software is corrupted, all you require to do is to uninstall the software and re-install it again.

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Computer to phone calls

When we compare all of the above mentioned computer to phone calls service providers, we believe that call rate wise, Justvoip is the cheapest. But viewing other features such as video chat, sending files online, can be done from Skype, Gtalk and Yahoo messenger.

Another plus point of yahoo messenger is that users can enter chat rooms, find new friends who are based in their city or state and begin chatting with them. Moreover, one must note that the entire above mentioned computer to phone calls service providers’ application is FREE to download.

Users do not require paying any money to download any of the above software. Try using any of the above services which are all trusted and begin making FREE and cheap calls to different countries of the world without worrying about  the amount of money you are going to loose, mainly because you can speak to different countries for calls beginning w

VoIP products

If we compare the first 3 VoIP products, all 3 are the best in their own ways. Users can try using Skype, Gtalk or Yahoo messenger incase they wish to download the software on their computer and begin making calls. The only problem faced is that, incase users goes to a cyber café to make international calls, they might not get to use any of the above VoIP products if the software is not already downloaded in the computer, whereas WebCallDirect does not require any downloads and hence users can even make calls from cafes since there is no need to download any software. All what they require doing is open the link, sign in with their user id and password, dial the number and enjoy making calls.


There are many more softphones such as internetcalls, Rynga VoIP, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk etc. All of these and the ones mentioned above have been in the VoIP softphone market for many years. There are more than 4000 softphone providers all across the world and it becomes difficult for users to understand which softphone is best suited for them.

Free VoIP to VoIP

With so many Free VoIP to VoIP call providers, it is very easy for users to join any services and tell their overseas friends too, to download the same service provider so that they both can speak with each other for free for unlimited period.

IP Telephony Service

In the olden days, the calls were made via network cables, thus the call rates used to be very high. But with the introduction of the internet, calls can be made to any country in the world with very low call rates, the rates can even be FREE.

Unlimited Call

We have only provided you with 5 VoIP providers and their features above. There are many more leading service providers such as ViaTalk, Lingo, Vonage etc.

Aastra 6730i

This SIP phone provides plenty of features for users. The use of IP phones is to allow users to make cheap low cost calls to different countries in the world. All the calls are routed through a broadband high speed internet connection.

Aastra 6739i

The only criterion is that all IP telephones are connected via a broadband internet connection. It means that unlike PSTN lines which use cables for connection which are very expensive to make international calls, the use of internet has changed the whole scenario.

Gigabit Security Router

Though we have been hearing this word being used many times in the past, we really do not understand what it means and in what way it can be useful to us.

Ok, if we go back to our old days, you might have seen telephone operators inserting plugs in some sockets so as to connect 2 people speak with each other. The router is something similar to that, but unlike the old telephone connections, routers can take loads of upto 125MB data transfer per second for the latest Gigabit LAN Network.


There are a couple of more models in SNOM VoIP IP phones. Users can go to the official website of SNOM, check out all the models on display, study their features and then decide the best IP phone for their office or for residential use. There are many satisfied users of SNOM IP phones in the US and European continent.

Calls to Zimbabwe

When we compare the above plans, we believe that CallCentric calls to Zimbabwe are cheaper to a landline number and ViaTalk provides better call charges to a mobile number.


Users are advised to check each of the above mentioned DECT SIP phone models on their official website before choosing the best phone model for their office.

Calls to Oman

You would love to know how it is possible. Yes, it is possible by making calls through the internet. Internet calls are made through VoIP service providers.

Call to Barbados

If we compare both Voipo and ITP VoIP, we can conclude that Voipo provides better services than ITP VoIP.

Rynga VoIP

The company is famous for softphones where users can make calls from their computer or even from the wifi enabled mobile phones.

Singapore VoIP

Viewing the above service providers, IP age Telecom and T seyva are the best as they provide excellent call rates to above 3 countries. Users are requested to check their call country before selecting any Singapore VoIP providers.

Valet Connector

The only drawback with the Cisco Valet Connector is that this device does not support 5GHz frequency. Hence, users will not be able to view streaming videos such as playing online games or watching online movies etc. Apart from that, they will not be able to make VoIP calls using this device.

Plantronics Headset compatible with Mitel IP Phones

Mitel IP phones is one of the top companies in the US providing their services to more than 1,600 resellers & partners all over the world.

Canada Calling Plans

Users must choose the right Canadacalling plan to ensure that they get the best service with proper voice clarity as the calls are routed via the internet.

Streamline While You Choose a VoIP Provider

A great deal of shoppers always opts for the more popular providers they hear about in ads, The ones that are suitable for others does not mean they are suitable for you.

VoIP providers are not all created equal! One will not give the same enhancements as the other. It is wise before you choose a provider to write down the most beneficial features and make a decision based on it. Keep in mind our VoIP comparison page will save a lot of money.


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